From Mondragon To America (Japanese Edition)

From Mondragon to AmericaThe philosophy, blueprint and working model of sustainable community economic development. Business for people - the community development corporation - humanity and business, the perfect blend of economics for our new global village.

As Columbus was to America - Dr. MacLeod's new world is unfolding for those with the vision to see - a new generation of C.E.D. initiatives, enabling local people to revitalize their communities, their lives and their future - through cooperative business development.

In "Mondragon," a working roadmap for prospering in the new knowledge based economy, Dr. MacLeod takes you step by step in plain English through his successes in America - with actual case studies, based on the model of Mondragon in Spain - the grandfather of community economic development - a conglomerate with a net worth of 10 billion dollars employing some 3000 worker/owners.

Dr. MacLeod's model is especially relevant to both renewal and growth in communities in the industrialized world - and, in the grass roots "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" initiatives of developing countries. A new way to do things (evolved from the tried and true of the past) designed for an increasingly cooperative economy.

"Mondragon" is the embodiment of the American steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie's Master Mind Alliance: "What, indeed, is not possible when like minded people work together in harmony for a common purpose?"

Worldwide reviews in learned journals - The Catholic New Times, Peace and Environment News, The Alternative Journal, Atlantic Progress, and others - agree that "From Mondragon to America" is no longer economics best kept secret. Dr. Jack Quarter, OISE Univ. Toronto simply states it best: "A must read."

As Adam Smith was to Capitalism, Darwin to Evolution, Dr. MacLeod's life work is revolutionizing community economic development within the new knowledge based economy. This is the book of the 21st century.