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Korea Conference

International Conference on Cooperatives Community Development

At a ceremony in the National Assembly of South Korea, Fr. Greg MacLeod , senior researcher at the Tompkins Institute of Cape Breton University was named an honourary citizen by the governor of Jeollabuk province in South Korea. It was part of a week-long international conference on the role of cooperatives in local economic development and job creation. MacLeod was the keynote speaker. Besides the launching of two of his books translated into Korean, MacLeod delivered a series of lectures in different parts of South Korea. MacLeod’s book on the Mondragon cooperative complex in Spain has also appeared in Japanese.

Investment Opportunity

Two local CSDIF's - BCA Green Energy Ltd and Red Brick Row Investment Cooperative ( Sydney Mines)


.Each $ 1,000.00 invested before March 1 earns a 35% ( $350. tax credit against provincial INCOME tax payable. Tax credits can apply back three years and forward seven years. If you borrow money to invest, outside of an RRSP, then the interest is tax deductible.

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