Books by Greg MacLeod

Books by Greg MacLeod

From Mondragon To America - Experiments In Community Economic Development

Mondragon, in Spain, is the most successful worker-owned cooperative corporation in the world with sales of over $ 20 Billon and over 80,000 workers. Recognized by the United Nations as one of the top social economic experiments in the world, it includes over 100 enterprises making products as diverse as yoghurt to automobile parts. They have their own cooperative banka cooperative university and one of the largest retail chains in Spain.

Jobs of Our Own: Building A Stakeholder Society

Jobs of Our OwnDr. Race Mathews is a long-time member of the Australian Labor Party and the Fabian Society, and has been a federal MP, a state MP and minister, a municipal councillor and chief of staff for Labor Leaders in the federal & state parliaments. He holds that local communities should now be placed in the centre of our economic and social life.

Available at bookstores & the Fernwood Publishing for $29.95

Beyond The Bottom Line: Socially Innovative Business Owners

Beyond the Bottom LineDr. Jack Quarter examines business owners who use their firms as laboratories for social innovation. After an introduction to this phenomenon in an historica perspective and discussing the 19th-century British industrialist Robert Owen, he provides 11 case studies of contemporary innovators from six countries - the UK, US, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand.

ISBN 1-56720-414-7 / $59.95 hc / 2000 / 216pp
Available from Greenwood Publishing

The Lichen Factor: The Quest for Community Development in Canada

Lichen FactorJim Lotz reviews the history of community development as he has seen it and explores its potential and limitations. "The collected wisdom of a very wise man. You will emerge from this book with your understanding of communities and your hope for our stubborn species enhanced." - Desmond Morton

ISBN 0-920336-61-2 / $22.95 pb / 1998 / 350pp / 6x9
Available at bookstores and from Cape Breton University, Press

Brotherhood Economics: Women and Co-operatives in Nova Scotia

Brotherhood EconomicsA new history of women in Nova Scotia co-operatives, documents that co-operative equality was never extended to women on the same terms as men. Brotherhood Economics shows that the goal of equality for women remains relevant for today's activists in adult education, economic development, social work, and of course co-operatives.

ISBN 0-920336-65-5 / $17.95 pb / 1998 / 217pp / 6x9
Available at bookstores and from Cape Breton University, Press