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From Mondragon To America - Experiments In Community Economic Development

Mondragon, in Spain, is the most successful worker-owned cooperative corporation in the world with sales of over $ 20 Billon and over 80,000 workers. Recognized by the United Nations as one of the top social economic experiments in the world, it includes over 100 enterprises making products as diverse as yoghurt to automobile parts. They have their own cooperative banka cooperative university and one of the largest retail chains in Spain.

It is fascinating. Greg MacLeod has many friends involved in this unique community enterprise in Basque Spain.

The book also describes the experience of MacLeod in Cape Breton and Mexico. This is the third printing. It also appeared in Japanese and is being translated into Korean

From Mondragon to America

$ 19.95 185 pages, Greg MacLeod, Tompkins Institute, Cape Breton University ISBN --0-920336-53-1

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How To Start A Community EnterpriseHow To Start A Community Enterprise - A Personal Approach

Professor Greg MacLeod of Cape Breton University has over 30 years of experience in organizing community enterprises such as New Dawn Enterprises with assets of over $ 20 million and BCA, a community investment group. Based on his personal experience he illustrates how to launch a business by community activists in seven simple steps. He shows that success is based on personal relationships. You can find him on YOUTUBE

$ 9.95 80 pages Greg MacLeod Tompkins Institute, Cape Breton University ISBN 978-0-973682-2-5

May be ordered through The Gaelic College or Cape Breton Books